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Quality Management System

RANTECH protects both sides with a contract that in general regulates technical and commercial steps regarding the process in which the products or services it requests from its suppliers are produced. Purchase documents include information that sufficiently describes the product to be supplied and their original numbers. RANTECH principally seeks quality management system compliance in its suppliers.

Right Product Supply

Supplied products are expected to be manufactured in accordance with the technical drawings of the product, technical specifications, and the international standards recognised by RANTECH.

Delivered products are put to RANTECH input examination and tests, and all suppliers must implement their own Quality Assurance System. Suppliers cannot send materials to RANTECH without their own quality control confirmation.

Guarantee terms are determined in accordance with the norms that will be accepted by the markets on a product basis and are shared with our suppliers.

The product’s compliance with the defined requirements is checked within the scope of the verification of the purchased product. RANTECH performs the quality control processes required for the product verification through visits and audits, and then records them.

For their interpretation, special customer requests are conveyed to suppliers under a confidentiality contract and the necessary actions are expected to be taken.

Supplier Follow Up

Several follow-up activities are performed after we start to work with our suppliers. Supplier performance evaluations are provided with the below-mentioned criteria:

• Dispatched part Quality Performance (PPM)
• Delivery Performance (DPM)
• Special request and demand execution performance
• Environmental Management System practices in accordance with ISO 14001
The below-mentioned criteria help us provide our customers with products that are correctly and well-packaged in accordance with the standards and offered at the best price:

• Creating and updating business instructions
• Packaging, warehouse, delivery methods
• Measuring and evaluating the current situation in order to increase productivity

Business Development Activities

Within the scope of the regulations, we closely follow the certificates requested according to the countries where the vehicles assembled with the supplied products will be used. Our suppliers are provided with information on the relevant matters.

Any complaints that are received are reported using a quality complaint database. Actions to be taken on a product group basis are determined and shared with suppliers.

Codes of Conduct

As its prerequisite RANTECH requires its suppliers to obey legal regulations, to respect human rights, not to employ children, and not to carry out work using bribery and corruption.